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Frank Magliato, Investment Consultant and Philanthropist

December 18, 2019

Frank Magliato

There is definitely something of a soft side to Frank Magliato. Consider that he serves on the board of directors for at least one organization that highlights his philanthropic tendencies. As a board member for the Guardian Foundation, he helps to turn programs that supply grant money designed to provide for the health and welfare of underprivileged Panamanian children into reality and many people are better off for this.

In addition to that, of course, Frank Magliato is also a strong business consultant with a keen business mind, as well as a keen eye for investment opportunities that make everyone’s lives better, especially his clients’. Frank has served on the boards of directors of numerous companies, including Nabali Investments, Capital Trading Group and Veragold Mining Company, among a great many others. His business career has thus far lasted well over three decades and the record he has compiled has been stellar, so expect him to continue doing what he does for a very long time to come.